The React Handbook ⚛🤌

Modern approaches to architecture and feature development for production-ready React apps.

Why Read This Instead of the React Docs?

If you haven't ever worked with React before, this guide might seem a little dense.

There are some fundamentals we can recommend, but to put it bluntly: you should not be reading this guide before you've read the official docs.

The docs will help you learn React, but the React Handbook will help you learn the ecosystem.

There's a lot of great content/advice out there and we want to centralize it. The flexibility of React forces us to make so many choices as engineers/architects - and that's precisely why there's a need for a guide like this.

The recommendations here are opinionated purposefully. You can implement only what you see fit for your project and team. The baggage that comes with being the most popular UI framework in the world - is that there is a ton of low-quality learning content on the internet. We want to make the good content easy to find.

A Bookmark, Not a Course

This guide isn't meant to be a typical course that you start and finish. It's a reference, a website you bookmark and return to when encountering something in the React ecosystem that you'd like to research more.

We're trying to cut down the time that the community spends having to research the best React practices on Google, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube,,, etc.

By using this site, you'll spend less time searching the internet for good learning resources and instead spend more time shipping your React applications in a way that will scale.

It's meant to be easily skimmable, so you can jump to the current problem at hand.

You're welcome to read from start to finish (you'll probably learn something along the way), but that's not necessarily the use-case we envisioned.

Less Hot Takes, More Sincerity

Lately, the Twitter angst and Reddit threads have gotten a little too click-baity and dogmatic. Everyone's posting hot takes, memes, engagement bait lately. We're not going to engage in any of that on this site.

The goal is simply to compile one of the best resources on the internet for learning React development.

How to Navigate this Website

The search (at the top of the page) is pretty great.

The navigation (on the left side of the page) keeps track of where you are on each page, and what else you can explore. You can toggle the sidebar to stay open, or keep it hidden so you can focus.

Finally, there are lots of sections/topics that you can expand when you want more detail. They'll look something like this:

Deep Dive

We love feedback of all kinds, just please keep in mind that we are working professionals that try to maintain this website in our spare time only. We are open to all suggestions, provided you have a positive attitude when making the suggestion. We don't assume any ill intent, ever.