The React Handbook ⚛🤌

Modern approaches to architecture and feature development for production-ready React apps.

The React Handbook is what you need AFTER you've read the official docs. Once you've learned the fundamentals - this guide will help you ship more, faster.

JS / TS Fundamentals

Starting points for developers not familiar with Javascript or Typescript.

React Fundamentals

For developers familiar with web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JS/TS) but not familiar with React.

Advanced React

For experienced React developers, dive in and see what material we cover on this site.

Our Goals

React is a fantastic tool for building UI's and front-end applications. Hundreds of high-quality libraries make the React ecosystem, and React itself is very flexible in many ways.

On the other hand, the flexibility of React forces us (as engineers/architects) to make so many choices.

This guide aims to help React engineers learn what they need to ship their applications.

A Bookmark, Not a Course

This guide isn't meant to be a typical course that you start and finish. It's a reference, a website you bookmark and return to when encountering something in the React ecosystem that you'd like to research more.

You could spend time yourself researching the best React practices on Google, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube,,, etc. But that will suck up a lot of your time, and you'll also have to decide for yourself which material is worth studying (what is right and what isn't).

By using this site, you'll spend less time searching the internet for good learning resources and instead spend more time shipping your React applications in a way that will scale.

The recommendations here are opinionated purposefully. You can implement only what you see fit for your project and team. The baggage that comes with being the most popular UI framework in the world - is that there is a ton of low-quality learning content on the internet.

Why is React the most popular framework? Read the React Handbook creator's thoughts on that here.

How to Consume this Guide

You can start at the very beginning and read through every page from start to end - you'll undoubtedly pick up some ideas along the way.

The actual use case I envisioned for this website was as a bookmark for React developers.

We expect that most experienced React developers who visit our website will already know about many topics we cover.