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If you're familiar with Web Development and/or React, the topics in the sidebar should be pretty digestible. Below you'll find a description for each section.

React Frameworks & Build Tools

What to consider when starting a new React project (or potential migration). Dive into the world of React meta-frameworks and the tools that power them.

Project Standards

In React you can do just about anything you want. But, what *should* you do with your folders and components?

React Ecosystem

Popular libraries for common problems (handling dates/date-times, animations, data visualization, etc.)

Accessibility & Semantics

Use the proper markup in every situation. Ensure that everyone can access your application.

Styling & UI Libraries

Promising approaches for writing/maintaining CSS in your application.


Get ahead of the learning curve on using the React API (like useState and useEffect).

State Management

Manage your SPA application state with confidence.

React Performance & Optimization

Ship fast and performant UIs, a great start to positive UX.